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Thinking about getting contraceptive implant

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PepsiBubbles Fri 25-Oct-13 23:53:55

I'm going to the family planning clinic on Monday to find out more about having one fitted. I was on the pill until January (mostly to regulate periods) and actually was thinking about going back on so rang the clinic today and I've got an appointment on Monday.Afterwards though I started thinking that going back on the pill probably isn't the best idea. I am very overweight, my BMI is 32 I think, plus I don't think I can be bothered going through having to take a pill at the same time every day again (may not be an annoyance for some people but it is to me) so after reading around I think the implant would be the best option for me.

When I rang up the clinic I was asked what kind of contraception I wanted and I told them the pill, as I've changed my mind though I'm hoping that won't be too much of a problem for them...? I mean they should be able to fit me in for a different contraceptive method I hope.

Couple of questions, does it hurt having it fitted? I know they use a local but I've read elsewhere that the needle they use is 4cm long and they don't use numbing cream shock and I'm not good with needles at the best of times (one of the reasons I decided against the depo jab...don't think I could cope having an injection every 8-12 weeks but a one off is okay). Also, as I'm very overweight, would that be a factor in allowing me to have an implant? I haven't read anywhere that it is so I'm assuming I won't be weighed if it's not a factor, unlike the pill. I assume it's just as effective for overweight women as it is for those who aren't overweight?

This is actually my first time going to the family planning clinic. When I was on the pill I would just go to my GP but figured that a clinic would be better with dealing with contraception as you know, that's what they're for smile.

TwoLeftSocks Sat 26-Oct-13 15:19:16

I have an implant, in fact I'm on my second one now as I had it renewed about a month ago.

I had it put in by the GP both times and I don't know what difference it makes going through the family planning clinic but it would probably be worth calling them about it.

For my first one, I had an initial chat with the GP about it all to check it would be suitable for me and then we arranged another appt to have it put in. I guess you could use this to discuss effects on weight (not something I know about though I don't think it's had an effect on mine).

Both times I was given a prescription and had to pick up the implant at the chemist as they don't keep them in stock at the surgery - this might be the same for the FP Clinic, worth asking.

For putting it in, I was given a local anesthetic jab on the inside of my upper arm, which numbs the area. That stung slightly but passed in seconds. The implant itself in the pack you get from the chemist is preloaded into a thing that puts it into your arm. That bit didn't hurt at all (as the local was doing it's job) and was also done in seconds, in fact it surprised me how quick it was.

There was a small amount of bleeding, so had a cotton wool ball and bandage holding it in place for a few hours. There was bruising around the area, more than I expected but nothing excessive, and it's easy enough this time of year to wear sleeves that cover it.

For replacing it (or if you wanted it removed), the GP made a very small incision and gently pushed it out, then put the new one in down the same route. I was in there less than five minutes, and that included having a good natter with the GP.

Hope this helps - I was a bit nervous but it suits me down to the ground and I'm sure I'll be having it renewed again in another three years.

chocoshopoholic Sun 27-Oct-13 07:14:16

I had 4 implants, last one out in July ready for TTC.

All of mine were done at the Family Planning Clinics, and although they would do the initial suitability checks an appointment was needed for the actual fitting.

I found that a numbing injection was used rather than numbing cream, and though it didn't hurt hurt, ached quite a bit the following day.

They will probably weigh you, I don't know what the cut off bmi is, but one of my implants was only certified for 2years rather than the usual 3 because I was overweight.

OhBabyLilyMunster Sun 27-Oct-13 07:18:01

I had a numbing injection. No pain getting it in. Sore getting it out seven weeks later but thats another tale.

Charotte31 Sun 27-Oct-13 07:29:19

I had the implant in for about 8 months and hated it! I felt awful on it. Made me put weight on to. I had no stop bleeding for about 6 months.
Getting it in was really sore! The local jab was fine but actually getting the implant in was bloody painfully! The bruising was awful!
Getting it out was not painfully but took 40 minutes!!
Saying all that I have had friends that it has worked really well for. Everyone is different i just wanted to let you know it's not always plain sailing!! Good luck

Charotte31 Sun 27-Oct-13 07:31:54

# painful!

TwoLeftSocks Sun 27-Oct-13 08:53:40

Crikey Charlotte, that sounds really bad! Did they give you any idea why, or was it just one of those 'everyone's different' things?

OhBabyLilyMunster Sun 27-Oct-13 09:39:56

I had same as charlotte. My practice nurse told me on the sly that it doesnt agree with postnatal women and anecdotally seems to induce depression

Charotte31 Sun 27-Oct-13 13:40:29

That's interesting lily didn't know that!

KatieScarlett2833 Sun 27-Oct-13 13:44:08

I've had 3 but am now too ancient smile
Was never up nor down but the no period side effect was great.

jumpingcats Sun 27-Oct-13 13:56:39

I went to the FPC to get my implant fitted and I think generally it's better to go to them rather than the GP as they'll have fitted lots of them. I don't like injections but I found it OK. I had the anaesthetic injection and just looked away as I didn't want to see it being inserted!

I have had problems with weight gain, moods and non-stop periods - but I have various gynae/MH things going on and I don't think I can entirely blame the implant. In any case, the reason I chose the implant is because it has an extremely low failure rate, as an accidental pg would be disaster for me. I wouldn't want to switch to something else with a high user error like the Pill or condoms and then end up pg because I'm sure that would have an even worse effect on my MH/weight gain!

MollyMango Sun 27-Oct-13 14:04:02

My BMI when I had mine put in was probably hovering around 30ish but noone mentioned it.

I'm on my second and find the no period thing really helpful.

In terms of getting it in I just look away and it's a short prick when they put the anaesthetic in and you don't feel anything else apart from a bit of pulling (both when put in and taken out)

TerrorTremor Sun 27-Oct-13 14:11:37

I had the implant done through FPC as well.

It was ask others have described. Asked me questions to make sure I was suitable and then gave me an injection to numb the area and then put the implant in.

I haven't found that there has been a problem with the implant for me post natally. It's probably due to already being on anti depressants though, more than anything else. But who knows?

I bled for one month and then the bleeding has completely stopped.

jumpingcats Sun 27-Oct-13 14:17:54

I still have periods on the implant, have had it for a year. The FPC nurse said it stops periods in only about a third of users, so no guarantee that you'd be one of the lucky ones!

PepsiBubbles Sun 27-Oct-13 19:43:42

Just a quick question - can only specific doctors/nurses fit/advise the implant? I said above that I told the receptionist on the phone that I wanted the pill but now I don't want the pill.

I'm not even sure I want the implant now tbh. Torn again between depo and implant. Am I allowed to use tomorrow to just discuss options if I'm unsure? I don't want to feel like I'm wasting their time.

Also will they make me take an STI test? I've heard they really push those at clinics for under 25's (I'm 22).

PepsiBubbles Sun 27-Oct-13 19:46:00

They will probably weigh you

sad Can I ask them not to tell me how much I weigh? I know how much I weigh and that it's too much (but I am working on it) but I don't like other people telling me how much I weigh iyswim?

PepsiBubbles Sun 27-Oct-13 19:49:07

The FPC nurse said it stops periods in only about a third of users, so no guarantee that you'd be one of the lucky ones!

Lol well not sure I want period to stop completely tbh, though less often might be nice. I actually bought a mooncup on Friday and was excited about trying it grin but I guess if my periods stop it can wait a few years.

TwoLeftSocks Sun 27-Oct-13 19:58:06

I'm sure they won't mind tomorrow just ending up as a chat about options. You've got to be happy with whatever you go with in the end, can you read up on different types of contraception tonight so you can go with specific questions tomorrow?

TerrorTremor Sun 27-Oct-13 20:49:04

They didn't push an STI check with me.

I think that's more common if you have had anal sex or been with a man who has had sex with another man.

If you ask them specifically not to tell you your actual weight I am sure they wont, but they'll have to tell you if your BMI is too high.

I am sure they wont mind you discussing your options if you aren't sure. It's a decision you should make consciously and fully informed.

PepsiBubbles Mon 28-Oct-13 21:12:36

The nurse I saw at the clinic was lovely, I told her I'd thought about going on the pill but was worried that I'm too overweight and after weighing me and taking my blood pressure, she agreed that my BMI was too high to let me have the combined pill. She actually had to take my blood pressure twice, it was too high the first time blush so she asked me if I was nervous, which I was, so she told me to relax and the reading was lower the second time. I told her that an implant was my second choice and she went through the advantages and disadvantages with me and also through the other options with me, like the injection, coil and mini pill.

In the end though, I still wanted the implant. I was surprised though when she said she could fit it right there if I wanted, I was expecting to be told to go away and think about it and come back when I was sure or to come back when I was on my period. So I just had it done then. It didn't hurt, just a bit when she gave me the local and a bit of pressure when the implant was put in but that's it. She gave me a card with the date I had it put in and the date it was due out. It's actually due out at the normal time of three years. She didn't mention anything about it needing to be changed sooner because I'm overweight.

I'm glad I went to the clinic rather than the GP though. When I was on the pill, they would just recommend the pill or the injection for contraception and not give you other options.

I will say though, they do ask a lot of questions, don't they grin I mean she asked the usual things, like if I smoked, took recreational drugs, etc. But she also asked things like when my last period was, if I was regular, if they were painful...and a whole load of other questions about other aspects of my health. When I went to the GP all I was ever asked was if I smoked. I was also offered an STI check which I turned down but she didn't push it like I thought she might.

I seriously hope this implant agrees with me though and I have no problems.

TwoLeftSocks Tue 29-Oct-13 12:50:09

That's great. They sound really helpful, sounds like a good visit.

Hope the implant works well for you smile

missymarmite Wed 30-Oct-13 22:48:50

I had nexplanon implant back in may. It was fine for a few months, although it ached a bit and there was bruising for a couple of weeks, and occasionally it still aches randomly. In the last couple of months though I have been very moody, and suffered from quite horrid pms-like symptoms for days on end, which is very unlike me normally. Added to this, after the initial fitting I had no bleeding for months until a month ago, since then I have had constant bleeding, from slight spotting to full on period with clotting and period pain.

I went to the doc last week who has since put me on cerazette on top of the implant to control the bleeding/emotional volatility. The emotions have abated but the bleeding has not, although the emotions might be due to the fact that it is half term and I am not at work (I work at a secondary school) so less stressed this week.

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