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Copper coil - bad idea???

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Suddengeekgirl Wed 23-Oct-13 19:51:11

I need some form of contraception that is hormone free. I've tried all types of pill and none agree with me. hmm
I have PCOS so I'm guessing my hormones are so far from normal that the balance of hormone in the pill isn't right when added to mine iyswim.

Anyhow it looks like I'm left with condoms, the copper coil or sterilisation.

Condoms don't work well for me and dh so they're out.

Sterilisation is very final - which is fine by me. I DO NOT want any more dc. But I'm guessing I won't get on the Nhs until I've tried everything else.

Which leaves me with the copper coil.
I'm a bit worried about the heavier, more painful periods bit. Currently my periods aren't too heavy (only need a day at most of super tampon), but drag on for 8 days (in a 35+ day cycle). They're also painful - but taking feminax regularly helps with that

Would the copper coil be a bad idea given my current periods? confused

I've got ages to wait as at our drs only the nurse will prescribe contraception (!) and it's a 5 week wait to see her!!! shock

ecuse Wed 23-Oct-13 20:13:07

I have very similar issues (and periods) to you and had copper coil for about 18mths. It's totally fine. Periods are a bit heavier and slightly more painful but in no way unmanageable. Occasional mid-cycle spotting and, if anything, slightly more regular cycle than before. No regrets here! And if it doesn't suit you, just have it removed.

QueenBoudicea Wed 23-Oct-13 20:16:22

Pre dc I had the copper coil. Periods were considerably heavier and a day of cramping but I liked that it lasted for 10 years and hormone free. Am now on mirena but would have the copper coil again if I wanted to go hormone free.

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