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Implant or coil? LOTS of ongoing health issues.

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BrittaPie Sat 19-Oct-13 01:49:33

My periods are ridiculous. Heavy, long, painful. I also have joint problems that get aggravated by my period. Plus I have other complications that mean a pregnancy, even one that took as long as it takes to get an abortion, would be a terrible idea, and I have a new boyfriend so the protection previously offered by XHs vasectomy is no longer there.

I also have bipolar disorder (I know, I'm just generally faulty) and take lamotrigine and lithium, as well as the odd dose of diazepam. The lithium limits my pain relief options (I can't take the meclafenic acid, but I can still have the transexmic acid to help the bleeding) but the lamotrigine increases my joint pain and means I can't have the normal pill.

SO. My options are the coil or the implant. I am very squeamish, so neither fills me with joy, and I will need diazepam before either is put in (I also have a bit of lingering mental trauma from a birth gone wrong, meaning I have never even had a smear test). When I saw the GP I refused both, but on reflection I really do need something as well as condoms to make extra sure and to help my periods.

Which would people recommend?

sonlypuppyfat Sat 19-Oct-13 01:55:26

Have always used condoms DH refuses to see me taking chemicals, we've always found them easy to use and stress free. Hope you find something that works for you smile

BrittaPie Sat 19-Oct-13 02:10:47

But condoms don't help periods. I'm pretty sure I would still use condoms anyway tbh.

BrittaPie Sat 19-Oct-13 10:12:44

How horrible is it having the implant? Can you feel it once it is in?

emmac52000 Sat 19-Oct-13 11:02:38

If you have hormonal issues is crabby etc I would use coil. It hurts A LOT when being put in. I could feel when I was due to have a period which was weird but my friend says its great. Some even have no periods!!! Mine lasted for 2 days. Cos of my hormonal issues I was told not to have Implant because its basically a long term hormone in your arm. Coil is easy to remove if you don't like it

BrittaPie Sat 19-Oct-13 13:48:22

Isn't it the hormones that are what I want though?

BrittaPie Sat 19-Oct-13 13:54:33

Also, I take lithium, lamotrigine, tranexamic acid, mefenamic acid, diazepam and prescribed iron tablets. Plus vitamin supplement, liquid glucosamine, joint rub and ibuprofen. The taking chemicals thing is kind of a non issue now :-D

BrittaPie Sat 19-Oct-13 17:25:26

My main issue (apart from the heavy periods) that I'm wanting to fix is spd - my pelvis is still unstable nearly 4 years after my last baby, and it gets worse around my period.

Would getting sterilised help my periods?

meditrina Sat 19-Oct-13 17:29:24

Getting sterilised won't help with your periods, but if a pregnancy would be disastrous for you, it might be worth thinking about on those grounds alone.

It might be worth discussing the mirena - yes, hormonal, but low dose and can mean total absence of periods.

LordEmsworth Sat 19-Oct-13 17:38:51

I have the implant, have had for 2 and a half years and am about to have it out and switch to Mirena.

Having the implant put in was virtually painless, completely stress-free; for the first week or so I couldn't stop prodding it grin because I was very conscious of it, but couldn't feel it. Then I forgot about it... I was one of the 2 in 5 women for whom it stopped my periods completely - it was brilliant. I had been on the pill (Microgynon) previously, for PMT, and not having periods (obviously) eradicated that.

But, after about 18 months, I started getting periodic bleeding - sometimes I get mood swings with it, sometimes just bleeding, but it's bloody annoying either way. Hence having it out (which I am not looking forward to - it takes a doctor and a nurse so you have to book in about a month in advance and needs a local anaesthetic). The doctor suggested either a new implant but replacing again after 18 months, or trying Mirena. I am going to try the latter and see...

BrittaPie Sat 19-Oct-13 18:30:37

How much does the coil hurt?

missymarmite Sun 20-Oct-13 00:50:11

I would not recommend the coil if you can't cope with a smear test, tbh. I had mirena coil fitted, it was a horrible, painful experience that seemed to take an age. Worse, I soon after had abnormal cells from a smear and ended up having to have the thing removed for the treatment. The treatment was actually less traumatic than the coil fitting. I subsequently had nexolanon implant fitted. Not ideal, I have started having lots of light bleeding for days and days on end and lots of mood swings but what choice do I have?

Lonelybunny Fri 06-Dec-13 09:24:39

I had a copper coil fitted and didnt feel a thing , just cramps afterwards and it's hormone free , maybe an option ?

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