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Urgent pill help please!

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TeaAndHugs Mon 21-Oct-13 15:59:09

Rigevidon and Microgynon are the same formulation - the NHS recently switched over to Rigevidon because it's a cheaper brand, but they contain the same ingredients.

annguyen187 Sun 20-Oct-13 05:12:29

The best thing you should do is call the phone directly to the hospital or doctor family, to get the necessary information and specific.


They are the same.

Just take the whole pack.

It will mean a bit longer before you have a break/bleed but that's ok.

PoshPenny Wed 16-Oct-13 15:26:41

Can you phone the clinic to get advice over the phone? Or your home doctors?

My guess would be that with the new pack you carry on from where you were on the other pack, so say like day 15 to the end of the pack. I'm not medically qualified, so no guarantees I'm right. Internet searches should be able to confirm that the 2 pills are actually the same thing.

mademoisellemariposa Wed 16-Oct-13 15:15:06

I've been on the Rigevidon pill for a year and a bit now. Im at uni away from home and I'm halfway through my last pack, but have stupidly left the half finished pack at home when I've come back to university. I've just been to the sexual health clinic for a prescription cause I am still registered at my home doctors not here, and have been given Microgynon as a replacement, apparently it's the same thing, but completely forgot to ask him what I should do cause I'm only half way through a pack (can you tell my head is all over the place at the moment?) and you should finish a pack before starting a new pill. Any ideas on what to do please??

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