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Mid Cycle Bleeds.... anyone else worried?

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greenpencils90 Mon 14-Oct-13 23:12:59


I've never really had normal cycles because from about 13 i was put on the pill to help with very painful and irregular periods. Since then i've mostly been on the Implant (2 x the 3 year implanon) and was very happy with them until the last 6 months where i had very long periods and was put on the mini pill too. I then came off everything, and let implanon run out. (its being taken out this week, but deffinately isn't working as i everythings gone back to normal cycle wise)

Since then i've had regular 28ish day cycles, but after tracking them more closely I've noticed i've had a few mid-cycle bleeds. I've been to the doctors, and they think i could either be pregnant (i'd be in the 2ww so too early to test) but because of my family history of ovarian cysts ive had an internal ultrasound, and have been booked in for blood tests. (awaiting the results now)

Has anyone else out there had mid-cycle bleeds? and found a cause? or have they been told that its normal?

Any stories would be really helpful as I am feeling quite worried.


greenpencils90 Mon 14-Oct-13 23:28:29

Should also say that we are looking into using the calender method (mixed with condoms too) in the future, and with midcycle bleeds is that going to be really hard?

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