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mirena and periods stopping? tmi...

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IsisOhIsis Sat 05-Oct-13 19:10:16

I had the copper coil after I had dd but it gave me really heavy, really long periods so I eventually had it taken out and replaced with the mirena, about 7 months ago. I was told that many women's periods stop altogether.

Straight away my periods were loads lighter, though lasted about 7 days. Started a period Thursday last week, so nearly 10 days ago now, and no sign of stopping, though its only very light. Thing is, its not red blood at all, just very dark brown. Is this my periods stopping? Or is my womb dying, or something? Has anyone else had this?

honeybeeridiculous Mon 07-Oct-13 18:27:45

HI, I had mirena fitted a year ago, had brown gunk and spotting for 6 months, then nothing until last week when I had a very light period, GP tells me this is normal, it's much better than the heavy periods I was having before, persevere, it does improve smile

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