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Does anyone use the diaphragm/cap any more?

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Thurlow Wed 02-Oct-13 16:42:32

After a lovely pg scare, it seems a good time to get myself a bit more organised blush

I can't take hormonal contraception, which I foolishly didn't realise probably writes the Mirena off as well. That leaves condoms, copper coil and the diaphragm, I think. I'm not keen on the copper coil as I think I'd like another DC, possibly within a year or two.

Our sex life is hardly that spontaneous sadly that I couldn't use the diaphragm most of the time, alongside condoms and non-penetrative methods.

Anyone used one or got any advice?

hiddenhome Wed 02-Oct-13 20:32:42

I have just received a Leas Shield which I ordered from Germany. You use spermicidal gel with it.

The diaphragm needs changing if you gain/lose more than about 5lbs I think. I also don't like family planning clinics, so chose to go it alone.

You can get caps, but they're not as reliable as the diaphragm.

You can also buy the Today sponge via ebay. It doesn't offer as much protection as the Shield though.

I have read that the Leas Shield can be uncomfortable and doesn't suit everyone, but I can't use hormones or coils either, so am willing to give it a go.

aprilj11 Thu 07-Nov-13 18:34:37

Yes! I actually think diaphragms are a great option, but they seem to be a bit out of style. I've used the Femcap and the Diaphragm. You can insert them a good number of hours in advance, so it does not totally take away from the spontaneity.

There are a few options. 1. A diaphragm that needs fitting. 2. A cervical cap such as FemCap or Leas Shild or 3. the Caya one size diaphragm.

They all need to be used with a spermicide or contraceptive gel.

This is a great resource that also sells various barrier contraceptive options. I've bought from them in the past and have been very happy.

Feel free to ask any more questions.

evertonmint Thu 07-Nov-13 18:42:17

Yes! Used it since about a year before birth of DC1 6 years ago when I came off the pill. Only pregnancies have been planned smile

I get fitted at FPC. You get checked every year or if you gain or lose 7lbs. Otherwise you just get in with it.

Doesn't interfere with sex life like condoms do. No hormones. FP nurse told me to just put it in when you clean your teeth at night so you're ready to go if the mood takes you
grin but it's very quick to insert if you feel in the mood.

FP nurses are generally quite pro the diaphragm and think its a solution for more people than use it. The higher failure rate can put people off I suppose, but you can always top up with condoms too on particularly fertile days if you know your cycle.

Main problem I found is needing to top up spermicide if you want sex again within the 6 hour period you need to wear it after sex. But with 2 kids, this is rarely a problem DH and I face!

I love it. Pg with DC3 now,but will return to it again, and will use it until the point DH has the snip (if I have my way this will be very soon!)

evertonmint Thu 07-Nov-13 18:44:37

Also I don't find it harder than inserting a non-applicator tampon but it helps to not be squeamish about your body.

aprilj11 Sat 09-Nov-13 16:53:15

I like that advice about putting it in when you clean your teeth at night smile never heard that one!

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