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Pregnant on Implant?!

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esdoubleyou Wed 02-Oct-13 14:01:59

I'm a mother of one 2 and a half year old & I've had this nexplanon implant in since February (so a good 7 months) Since the day it was put in I've bled non-stop, until a month ago, so bleeding for 6 months! Now, thing that has got me is that I've had absolutely no Libido since it was put in, except this one time a month ago! so me and my partner took advantage and had sex about 5 times, and then a couple days after, poof! no sex drive again. I've been getting real sore breasts and one is bigger than the other, this happened when I was pregnant with my little girl! I've got all the classic pregnancy symptoms (sore boobs, so so tired, dizzy, going off certain foods, weeing a hell of a lot more & harder-than-usual abdomen - just above my pelvic bone.) the only symptom I haven't had, is sickness, I have felt sick, but not actually been sick. I know this is meant to be the best form of protection & you may experience pregnancy-like symptoms but I've been told by 2 of my doctors & NHS online that these symptoms should have passed during the first few months... I'm worried I may be pregnant! buying a test later but wanted to see if anyone else is in my situation?

annguyen187 Sat 12-Oct-13 13:22:37

Sex is seen as a remedy for many positive effects on health, however, is not always available to couples also "fun" together, despite the fact that they want. The condition causes decreased sexual desire, invite your reference: stress, alcohol, lack of sleep, have children, obesity, depression, menopause, less intimacy.

- MD24housecall -

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