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Mirena coil.. Please advise

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rainbowfeet Tue 01-Oct-13 11:10:13

Thinking of getting this as I'm 39 & think because that will be better for me than the pill..?

My 2 main worries are.. How much it will hurt putting it in? confused ... Lone parent so it can't disrupt my day too much!
How common is heavy bleeding for weeks on end before it lightens & poss stops?

Other than that it sounds great... Please share your experiences.. Very grateful thank you. grin

ilovepowerhoop Tue 01-Oct-13 14:30:50

it was uncomfy rather than painful getting it put in but i took painkillers beforehand. I didnt get heavy bleeding for weeks on end either and only get the odd very short period now.

The only bad thing is that mine has gone awol and I cant feel the strings. I have had an ultrasound and xray which says it is in my pelvis but not necessarily where it should be so I now have to go for a trans-vaginal scan to pinpoint exactly where it is!

I think when they find it I will be telling them to remove it and will go back to the mini-pill I was on before (I am also 39).

MamaXa Wed 30-Oct-13 23:49:33

The pain was more like severe period pains or labour pain to me and the thing is I was tender on the lower abdomen for 6wks after having it in my periods were also longer and heavier. I had on constant period pains although not as severe as during insertion. Also the hormones affected my so bad I was desperately depressed and tearful it was decided to remove it after 6wks because it was that bad. I turned out I an had infection due to the coil. I don't mean to put u off but be aware these things don't always work for everyone. Good luck

Joysmum Fri 01-Nov-13 22:11:08

I've just turned 40 and had one put in 4 weeks ago. I was advised to take pain killers beforehand which I did. My GP wouldn't do it as she said my cervix was too tight so off the CASH clinic for me. It was like severe period pain goin in and for a while after but ok next day. If had a couple of days light spotting but no heavy period as normal yet.

I went to this as had tried varios contraceptive pills and mini pills but they made me moody as hell. My doctor advised the merena was the equililant of 3 mini pills a week so less likely to induce mood swings. I haven't noticed any yet despite being past my first scheduled period date.

It will last me for 5 years for contraceptive purposes and 7 years if used to regulate periods but not effective contraception for those last couple of years. At 45 the next one would last for 7 years contraception so I shouldn't need another after that before the dreaded 'M' work sets in!

Ask me in another few months if this coil is any good for me and I'll be better placed to answer. It's looking good at the moment though.

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