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Fertility monitoring

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Wasapea Tue 03-Sep-13 08:34:31

Hi all. I posted in general health yesterday but didn't get much in the way of responses so thought I'd try here.

I've been on the pill for ten years (Yasmin for seven and Cerazette for three after migraines became very frequent). I've been generally okay with the mini pill, with no periods, but it has made me spotty and absolutely killed my sex drive. I want to give my body a bit of a break from hormones and after a chat with DH, stopped taking the pill yesterday. We are not TTC at this stage. If we did it wouldn't be ideal but also wouldn't be a total disaster.

I'm thinking of using natural fertility monitoring when my cycles settle down. Just wondered if anyone had any experience of this and did it work for you?

Would be great to hear your experience, good or bad. smile

summertimeandthelivingiseasy Tue 03-Sep-13 10:48:22

I have been trying to do this since being taken of the coc last year, and not being happy with the effects of pop. The plan was to use condoms combined with this, then when I felt sure I was not going to conceive due to meno, drop the condoms.

I have read up extensively about how to do this during perimenopause (the rules change to cope with the unpredictable situation).

I have temperature/mucus charts on XL. I cannot work out the cervix thing, probably because of perimeno. I have no idea if I am ovulating or not as I get mucus symptoms and temp symptoms at different times.

I am now using condoms and hoping I am probably infertile (I am not happy with them on their own as a form of contraception as I have siblings and nephew and neice who are testament to their shortcomings)

Still charting though - it is interesting and I might as well carry on smile

Wasapea Tue 03-Sep-13 11:35:34

Thanks summer. I'm planning to use condoms as well until things settle down and I feel more confident in charting cycles. It's really hard to find anyone who's already doing it though!

willitbe Tue 03-Sep-13 20:24:18

I have been tracking my cycles for about 11 years now, both while ttc and while preventing.

I currently use "babycomp" and combine with "fertility friend . com" website, for my other notes.

It is great to know what times are "safe" and what times to use abstinence or condoms.

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