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Merina. Coil

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littlebillie Sun 18-Aug-13 23:34:46

Hi I wasn't sure where to post this but I have had the copper coil now for two years and up to Christmas have had been fine. A year ago this month I was diagnosed with leukaemia which fortunately they have controlled so far and apart from a daily drug I am fine.

However over the course of the year I have found my periods have become unbearable. I had to spend yesterday in bed as I can no longer take pain killers. They are heavy long and I can be as short as a 17 day cycle.

I am going in next month for a day surgery to see if I am okay and to put in the Merina coil. Reading on forums about it i am scared about the depression and weight gain etc... I have been on the pill before and had the injection and was okay. However I am not sure what to do.

Any advice welcome thanks

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