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Copper Coil - please share your experiences

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ButteryJam Fri 16-Aug-13 12:40:09


3 months post birth I'm thinking about getting a copper coil fitted. I'm a bit scared as I've had so much about heavy periods and the pain. I am breastfeeding though and haven't had a period yet.

How was your experience of getting a copper coil fitted?

itsonlysubterfuge Fri 16-Aug-13 14:08:48

I wouldn't be scared. The fitting was painful for me, but it felt like period cramps, nothing too bad. However I have just had my coil removed because I've been getting some unexplained pain. The doctors aren't sure what may be the problem, so they thought it best to remove the coil, in case it was that. The heavier bleeding didn't really bother me, I just used super plus tampons with a pad. If my pain persists even after having the coil removed, I plan on having another coil fitted, because I really liked having it in and not having to worry about birth control. The only other sort of symptom I had was a lot of discharge, not sure if that is tmi or not. Try not to be scared, I'm sure it will go fine for you. It really is nice not having to mess with birth control, just have it in and go. I also liked that I know it wouldn't interfer with BF.

kalidasa Fri 16-Aug-13 14:37:03

I had one put in a few months ago, about five months after having a baby. The actual insertion was a lot less painful than I had expected. I had on-off light bleeding and mild grumbly pain for the rest of that month (it was put in one week into my cycle, so I had the light bleeding for about three weeks), followed by quite a long and heavy period. Periods since then have been heavier and longer (by a couple of days) than they used to be, but actually less rather than more painful - though before the baby I had quite badly painful periods, and apparently they are often better after having a baby anyway.

The one thing I would really recommend is to go to a specialist family planning clinic where they really know what they are doing. As copper coils are not that 'fashionable' any more I think it's best to see someone who does this kind of thing all the time rather than a nurse or GP who maybe only does one or two a year.

I can't use any hormonal form of bc but really need to avoid getting pregnant again any time soon (terrible pregnancy, not fully recovered yet), and I am pleased with the coil.

SmallFarAway Fri 16-Aug-13 14:52:57

I had one fitted in April, 9 months post birth. Fitting was uncomfortable more than painful. Periods are regular but longer (6-7 days now, were 4-5 days before) and heavier but not unmanageably so. Usually the very heavy bleeding is only for 1-2 days. I have also noticed more discharge as another poster mentioned.

I have no regrets about having it at all and would recommend it for anyone who can't have/doesn't want hormonal contraception. And it lasts 10 years if I don't want it removed sooner. It's certainly worth a try. If you find it not for you, you can always have it removed.

pinksomething Fri 16-Aug-13 15:02:14

Having it fitted was fine, regular maybe slightly heavier periods but not off puttingly so BUT after about 9-12 months I noticed I was getting awful, awful spots - round my hairline, then my cheeks and finally starting to spread to my chest. Not normal for me at all and after a bit of googling I found this to be quite a common side effect but not one you'll find in the booklet! Turns out too much copper can result in too little zinc and since taking a daily zinc supplement (high strength) my skin is fine.... and my nails are super long!! grin
I am happy with it overall but just be aware of the skin thing.

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