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Nexplanon second time round is completely different to first time

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BreakoutQueen Thu 15-Aug-13 14:24:12

I had nexplanon inserted when it first took over from implanon and had hardly any problems with it. I went on it then from cerazette and only had it taken out as I was planning to try for DC4 with my exP. Since I'd had no problems on it and was having heavy periods on microgynon I practically pleaded my GP to let me get nexplanon again even though they were keen for me to try the mirena coil again. I got nexplanon inserted in April and up until about 6 weeks ago had no problems on it including my periods completely stopping. The last 6 weeks has been hell though. I've had week long heavy periods with only a couple of days break in between. My skin and hair have went greasy and now my face is covered in spots and my mood swings are out of control. I saw my GP last week and she suggested it was a teething problem and told me to come back if still the same in 3 months. I cannot take another 3 weeks let alone 3 months of this. I can go from happy and laughing to complete psycho nutcase within seconds. I'm surprised DP is still here and I'm sure given half a chance my DC would run away as I am a nightmare to live with. I know I'm being a nightmare but I cannot control the mood swings and it is making me feel like I am losing the plot.

Has anyone else had the same problem on nexplanon where they have been ok on it and then suddenly been hit with side effects? How can I get my GP to get this thing out of me and if they do agree will the mirena coil effect me the same as was told it was the best option to control my heavy periods

Sorry so long winded just really need to know I'm not going crazy.

BreakoutQueen Thu 15-Aug-13 18:24:06


Onnabrown1 Mon 07-Nov-16 07:22:16

My first insertion time was up 9-1-16 I got it removed and a new on 9-3-16 . How long does it take to work?

Nicnac81 Mon 07-Nov-16 07:35:12

I had implanon and had it taken out after 2 months.... constant bleeding and cramps from hell, GP suggested I keep it in for a few months longer, there was no way that was happening and got it removed.

Contraception can affect everyone differently if you want it out because of the side effects then you can have it removed whenever you like, they really don't suit everyone

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