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Anyone been on Rigevidon?

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RebeccaP Mon 29-Jul-13 13:22:57

Hi. I have gone back on the pill 6 years after having my first child. The GP has given me Rigevidon. I've been taking it for 21 days now and have bleeding and stomach cramps pretty much all of the time. Does anyone know if this is normal and will settle down? Or does it mean that this Pill doesn't agree with me? The main reason for going back on the Pill was to have lighter periods so i wasn't expecting 3 weeks of period pain! Thank you.

koutaliaphobe Mon 19-Aug-13 17:04:22

It's one of the most common pills, but it's better known as Microgynon. You might get more answers if you ask about that instead (they're exactly the same formulation, just different names) smile

nannynicnic Thu 22-Aug-13 16:55:48

I've been on Microgynon/Rigevidon for 5 1/2 years and not had any problems at all

koutaliaphobe Fri 23-Aug-13 00:39:06

Oh and just to add, OP - I was on it for a while and had a terrible time, but apparently my body cannot tolerate synthetic progesterone so am not the best example. But when I was given it, the nurse said that they like you to wait 3 months before deciding if you want to continue or not as that's how long it normally takes side effects to settle smile

Somethingtothinkabout Fri 23-Aug-13 00:45:25

I was on Microgynon for a few years and was recently switched onto Ridgevidon . Apparently it's just the same, but cheaper. I haven't noticed any difference between them.

I run my packs back to back usually but haven't suffered any cramps or bleeding.

jude3184 Tue 16-Sep-14 21:10:31

I have just started taking rigevidon and in the last week have gone from being so laid back I was practically laying down to the she devil from hell!! I cant work out whether its the change of pill or whether im just an evil cow!! sad((

peachrose97 Wed 14-Dec-16 22:19:21

I was on Rivegdon for nearly 2 years. Regulated my periods well. I was taken off rivegdon recently as you are not supposed to be on it if you suffer with migraines and have an aura as there is a high risk of stroke (which I was unaware of). Being on rivegdon not only made me feel low mood, dizzy, chronic migraines and gave me cervical erosion as there are high levels of oestrogen. So it was not very good for me (other than for periods).

user1497004668 Fri 09-Jun-17 11:59:06

On microgynon for 12 years with only one break, had absolutely no issues with it. Stopped 8 years ago to try for our first baby. I now have a 7 and 4 year old and have recently returned to GP to go back on the pill. Was prescribed rigevidon. Aparently these 2 pills are exactly the same thing, just rebranded. However, the side effects with rigevidon have been horrific- stomach cramps, depression (for first time ever) nausea, dizziness, headaches and fatigue...Now looking online it appears I am not the only one to experience this with rigevidon but now with microgynon so how are these supposedly the same?

angrymum17 Tue 11-Jul-17 16:23:01

Would not touch this pill, gave my 17 year old the biggest clot the hospital have ever seen and company dont even want to know as dont keep tally anymore, just warn of slight risk!

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