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Anyone Been On Marvelon Contraception Pill...Side Effects? Experiences?

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GrimmaTheNome Mon 22-Jul-13 10:15:37

I was on it for over 10 years - only stopped because the GP clocked I was over 50. It suited me very well. Before that I'd been on Dianette (I have pcos and needed something to control symptoms esp acne) - that made me depressed.

Obviously we all respond differently to different pills, but I had no problems at all with Marvelon. Good luck! smile

ahxxx Mon 22-Jul-13 10:05:06

Hi I am due to start taking Marvelon from the first day of my next period and wondering if anyone knows or experienced any side effects with thia pill?

I asked not to go back on Cilest after it caused me bad mood swings prior to falling pregnant. I tried the Evra parch post pregnancy but found it made me sick when starting a new patch

I was advised to try Marvelon for 3 months but have just read that it has made people emotional, experience mood swings and anxiety still even being a low dose pill. I am slightly concerened after over coming anxiety last year but it has slowly started creeping back the last week or so and dont want this pill to trigger it off even more!

Any help please smile

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