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GP gave Microgynon and I'm BF - can I restart supply?

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LaLaLeni Mon 08-Jul-13 09:37:33

Thanks Sui smile

SuiGeneris Mon 08-Jul-13 03:11:40

It should be possible but you need expert advice. Repost in breastfeeding and ask for Tiktok: she should be able to help. Also, contact the infant feeding coordinator at the hospital where you gave birth, ideally today, and get to see them today too.
Good luck!

LaLaLeni Mon 08-Jul-13 02:55:35

My DS is 3 months and my GP recently prescribed Microgynon, even though she asked if I was BFing and I said I was. After 4 days taking it my supply has almost totally stopped and now I'm reading that it shouldn't be taken during BFing. If I stop now, am I too late to get my supply back? I'm really angry because it took me six weeks to even get DS to latch and now if she's given me something that messes up our feeding I'm robbed of that experience with DS forever. GP was very insistent I needed to be on the pill.

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