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Implant to pill?! Advice :(

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LadyintheRadiator Sat 29-Jun-13 13:23:28

I have heard so many horror stories about the implant. I'm on the pill - was microgynon now it's rigevidon - no problems with it, no weight gain or mood swings etc. Good luck!

Highschoolsweetheart Sat 29-Jun-13 13:19:02

I had my implant taken out for very similar reasons. I had put on 4 and a half stone in just over 18 months, with it in. I then went on microgynon 30. And I've lost all the weight in 9 months and actually feel back to my normal self. The pill is what I would suggest.

Gemzie1987 Wed 26-Jun-13 17:34:36

Hi guys this this is my first post on here smile
I'm having the implant removed in just over a week because my husband has basically had enough of me! I'm angry one second, crying the next, put on a stone in weight, constant bleeding, and erratic mood swings to say the very least, so I was wondering if there was a pill I could go that doesn't mean more weight gain, mood swings etc, I can't have the coil, I got pregnant on the patch lol, and I point blank refuse the depo! Any help or advice would be great. Thanks xx

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