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Strange fanjo behaviour - sorry for TMI!

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ChubbyKitty Mon 10-Jun-13 20:19:35

Fair point. I've no idea if ill ovulate or if I already have or whatever. There's a little bit of blood today. But not proper period blood if that makes sense? Just like olddddd blood.

Dahlialover Mon 10-Jun-13 17:05:25

Could it be fertile mucus mixed with menstrual blood (or an ovulation bleed)?

Your ovulation may be delayed after coming off the pill, so a proper period will not happen until this has taken place.

ChubbyKitty Mon 10-Jun-13 11:35:45

Okay so, I came off the pill around 5/6 weeks ago, and had my normal withdrawal bleed. I have an app that calculated when my next one would be due although I do realise this may not be accurate because of my hormones coming back to normal and because I don't yet know my cycle length.

From what the app says I am now 10 days late. I have tested three times and all negative, which I expected tbh but it's always good to check.

In the last week I have been getting pains that feel like the beginning of period pains, but these fade within a few hours and nothing happens. (Here's the TMI) I have also been getting what you might call spotting, except it looks like someone has rubbed blood over the pad rather than its actually trickled onto it iykwim? And two or three times I've checked and there's been a weird clump of blood mixed with something else. I'd compare it to when you blow your nose after a nose bleed (sorryblush).

A friend has mentioned that because of our recent family trauma and possibly stressing about it not coming, it's being delayed this way, which seems plausible because I have had a hell of a time of it. But I don't understand how I am be getting these other symptoms as well?

Any ideas?

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