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Coming off the pill? Any advice...

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aprilj11 Mon 05-Aug-13 11:24:57

I think you are making a very wise decision and each of your points as to why you are choosing to come off hormones makes perfect sense. Your body will need to go through a period of detox as it learns, and you learn, what your cycle is supposed to look like. You might want to look into some herbs and alternative medicine, if you are open to that, to help your body get back on track. Do some googling about natural ways to detox after hormones and to regain your fertility - I'm sure some information will come up.

Our natural fertility cycles are really amazing and its worth starting to understand it especially if you want to conceive. The Fertility awareness system or a fertility monitor such as Cyclotest might also be something you want to check into if you are really interested in being completely in the know about your cycles and when you ovulate.

Personally I stopped using hormones a number of years ago and could not be more happy with my decision. I am free of the side effects that had plagued me for years and I feel empowered that I actually know and understand the details of my contraceptive plan.

Good luck! I think you'll be relived and happy to finally be free of hormones!

StarsAboveYou Sun 04-Aug-13 09:25:29

I was told by a doctor friend that you have a hormone "surge" after coming off the pill and one of your best chances of getting pregnant is during the first cycle after your first "proper" period.

It could have just been luck (and probably was!) but this was true for us and I conceived 6 weeks after coming off the pill.

We are thinking of TTC #2 soon and I will do the same thing again. While I don't think we could be so lucky twice I will still be waiting until we are actually ready to come off the pill and hoping for the best again.

Good luck when the time comes.

ammature Sun 04-Aug-13 09:15:43

This is the same reasons I came off the pill. I was on it for ten years, wanted to understand my cycles etc and wanted to do fertility awareness method.

Since I came off the pill I am now on the waiting list for a laparoscopy as I might have endometriosis. I believe the pill masked endo symptoms and as soon as I came off it I started having ovulation pain, pain during sex etc.

This is an extreme case and prob not applicable but nothing beats knowing your own body. I use a diaphragm, withdrawal and fertility awareness for contraception.

rockerrock Fri 24-May-13 00:31:10

I came off the pill (Yasmin, I think...) and it was horrible: took 6m to get my cycles back, accompanied by painful cramping, spots etc. I'd been on it about 8yrs.

I think I'm quite an extreme case though, both in terms of how long it took for my fertility to return and the process. However it's a good idea to come off when you know you'll want to TTC soon since you can then get an idea of the length of your cycles and hopefully reduce the amount of time TTC (since you'll know roughly when you're fertile).

SweetHoneyBeeeeee Thu 23-May-13 13:57:50

Thanks for the replies. Did you have any side effects when you came off Orchard ? I have been googling and read some horror stories, probably not the most sensible thing to do!

AuntieStella Thu 23-May-13 12:56:57

It sounds fine to me. It's not really possible to predict what your post-pill cycle will be like, so having a few months to let your body settle back and reestablishing itself without additional hormones.

And so going for a non-hormone system seems sensible, condoms being the most conveniently available.

TheOrchardKeeper Thu 23-May-13 12:55:32

I'm interested in this because I'm on exactly the same, for the same reasons and whilst I don't want to have a baby I do want to stop.

had the implant for a bit and bled for 9 weeks, ending in eventually collapsing with undetected anemia.

Stopped it for a bit and still have bad periods but not like when I was 14 thank god! smile

Don't mean to hijack. Just wondered if anyone else feels this crap on the pill?

Good luck stopping OP. Hope things aren't as bad as they were before you went on it.

SweetHoneyBeeeeee Thu 23-May-13 12:52:17

I am 26 and have been on the pill since I was 15 due to horrendous heavy periods (started at 14.5 ish). Had a short gap, using the depo instead at around 17/18 but on this I had a constant period...for 6 months!

Now DH and I have decided to start TTC early next year and I am considering coming off the pill now for a couple of reasons:

1) I have no idea what my periods are going to be like...don't understand my cycle and think it would be good to get the uncertainty over before we TTC;

2) It might take some time to go back to 'normal' (whatever that is) so again would be good to get this out the way before TTC;

3) I feel bloated, grumpy and fed up all the time - my appetite is ridiculous (always hungry)...this might down to stress a bit, but I just feel after 10 years I might benefit from not filling myself with hormones

So can you please tell me:

- Am I being stupid or are these good reasons to come off?
- What are the likely side effects of coming off?
- What is the best method of contraception in the meantime? (I am thinking probably condoms...)

I am on Microgynon 30 btw.


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