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Implant, Mirena or give up on hormonal contraception?

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PollyEstherNightie Thu 23-May-13 12:24:33

I've been on Depo injections since September, but I feel as though I need a change - DP and I don't want children for a long time, so the most likely option would probably be something long-term like the implant, although I've also heard good things about the Mirena coil.

If I have no bleeding but bad mood-swings on Depo, is the same thing likely to continue with Mirena or the implant?

Giving up pretendy hormones all together would be an attractive option, but how reliable is something like the copper coil?


TheCatIsUpTheDuff Thu 23-May-13 15:26:32

I had the injection for about 3 years and had no bleeding but low mood. I was treated for depression during that time; there were other factors involved but I suspect the injection didn't help.

I then moved on to implants, and had 3 over 7 years - had the last one out to ttc. No emotional side-effects at all, no weight gain, infrequent, virtually painless periods, the only possible issue is a reduction in libido, but I don't think I noticed much difference when I came off it, so I think that's as much down to stress at work and general tiredness as anything else. I'd happily have another one after this baby's born.

Can't comment on either form of coil, but wouldn't rule out one form of hormonal contraception because another disagreed with me - I don't get on with the pill but am ok with other things.

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