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Changing from Sertraline To Prozac because its 'safer'

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sammiejoe Thu 16-May-13 09:40:11

Hi, I really didn't have enough room for what I wanted to ask in the subject!

Ok so me and my other half have 1 child, she is 2 and a half. I had awful depression during and after my pregnancy. I am currently on sertraline and I have just been to see me doctor because we have decided that we would like another baby smile

She said that Prozac is the recommended one to take because I dont feel as though I sould come off antidepressants yet (Tried comming off them a few moths ago n relapsed a little)

If I do get pregnant will I get extra appointment for support if I need them? I'm just terrified that I'll get pregnant and have to 'just deal with it' if I get bad again.. which hopefully I wont because I'll be on the prozac... Was thinking I would be like a high risk pregnancy? extra scans ect

Just advice on someone that has been through it would be great smile thanx

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