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Cerazette & Prozac - have you taken either? Come and share with me... Your thoughts, not the drugs!

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BogeyNights Fri 10-May-13 12:41:33

I've been taking Prozac for almost 3 years to help with horrible PMT. I def wouldn't class myself as depressed, I really only need it to help me through the days before my period.

However, I started to forget to take it recently. Not on purpose, but since life was treating me well this year and I didn't worry when I missed a dose or two or three. Anyhow, for some dumbass reason I decided I would try and go without Prozac and see what happened. Yes, I know I should have gone to the GP but I didn't...
Anyhow, it's been about 8 weeks and I've not taken Prozac at all for probably 5 of those weeks. Unfortunately PMT is rearing its ugly head again and I got really upset this week feeling unable to cope with my hectic, family driven life because I'd just got my period.

But I don't want to go back on Prozac because my sex drive has improved and I actually get an orgasm with relative ease now and I LOVE IT! Sex really wasn't as much fun whilst I was taking Prozac. But apart from the sex, life for me is great with Prozac.

It just seems so bloody unfair that I can have either a good sex life with horrific PMT or no PMT and a bleugh sex life. But I can't have the best of both!!!

So I finally went to the GP today and explained all this to her and we talked about taking the Progesterone only Pill as alternative to Prozac as it could make my hormones less volatile and perhaps help the PMT that way... (I suffer with migraines about once a year, so she wouldn't prescribe the combined pill).

So, my questions now are about Cerazette - I've looked at old threads about it and there are mixed reactions. Weight gain, erratic moods, no periods, loss of libido, lots of bleeding. Arggghhh, it's all so negative (apart from no periods, that bit's really appealing) I realise that I have to take to see, but just wondered if anyone had ever been in a similar position...

ie taking Cerazette to control PMT? If you don't bleed, do you not get PMT?? Coming off Prozac after a couple of years, has anyone else done it and survived?

I'm 40+, not overweight, have a low blood pressure reading and exercise regularly and I don't smoke. And I def don't want to get preggers again.

Dahlialover Fri 10-May-13 16:01:56

I was on the combined pill for years and that confined any libido to the week off!

I tried pop for a short while after having to come off the above (migraines, like you - for some reason they don't prescribe them to you now if you have ever had migraine - seems mad when it was only for one year, and I had been taking them for 29!).

Anyway, I tried 2 different sorts and my libido was better with both of them, than with the coc. I gave up on them because they made my nipples sore, privates swollen which I just don't like, and progesterone makes me constipated which I need to avoid as I have had surgery.

With no hormones, my libido was exceptionally good smile for a while but has now crashed through the floor, probably because I am fed up of dealing with annoying post surgery hurty problems sad

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