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What are my options for contraception after DC3

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DizziDoll Wed 17-Apr-13 08:11:11

I am 37 weeks pregnant with DC3 and have an ELCS booked after a EMCS with DC1 and an ELCS for DC2.

Our family will be complete after DC3 and my consultant has warned me than a 4th section would carry many more risks than 3 sections.

I am pro-choice but could never have an abortion myself.

DH and I seem to be very furtile so we will need something soonish. Plus I am worried that most methods are not 100%.

So other than abstenance, what are my options?
DH seems not very keen on a vasectomy and I don't want to put pressure on him (though this would be my personal preference

DizziDoll Wed 17-Apr-13 08:16:13

I have asked my consultant about steralising during the ELCS but he advised against it as it causes a huge amouny of extra pain and a longer recovery. With 2 DCs already (3 & 5), I can't afford a longer recovery and I really want to avoid another painful op later on for sterilisation.

TheFuzz Wed 17-Apr-13 10:02:21

Erm, permanent etc, very reliable, then DH for the snip.

There are side effects, most go well, some don't and take months to recover.

Op is minor, but there can be a bit of a mess afterwards. I am a DH - taken 6 months for things to settle, but was 'all clear' after the 4 months. I know other blokes who took months to recover, rather than a few weeks. Other issues, aneasthetic doesn't always work - I felt part of my my op (painfull), another friend the anaesthetic didn't work at all, and it took over a year before he got all clear.

If your DH opts for it, I would advise getting it under general - it's not pleasant especially when you get complications and have to try and lie still while they fix the mess.

Despite all this it is still the best long term solution, and steralisation on a woman is far more invasive.

My advise, don't expect recovery to be fast, especially if DH does a lot of sport, supportive pants essential - i.e. not tight cotton trunks, he will need jock strap or runners underwear (this works). If it all goes well he will be fine in a couple of weeks.

DizziDoll Wed 17-Apr-13 16:32:11

Thanks TheFuzz. I will have to broach the subject with him and see how he feels about it. I think he has googled the procedure and has found all the horror cases.

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