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Maaassively long cycle. Anyone else?

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niceupthedance Tue 26-Mar-13 09:14:52

They might do an ovarian function blood test (or whatever it is) which measured fsh and other things <technical>. My periods have always run to cycles of between. 35-70 days. When my test results came back apparently I had levels expected from a mid-20s woman - I was 35.

I came off the pill and only had a period every 2 months. Managed to get pg through intensive use of ovulation tests and temp charting and expected periods to come more often post-baby. baby 1 year old now and periods still only every 2 months... Do i go to doctor? what could they do anyway? Not sure I can be told to "wait and see if they become more regular" again. Can't remember what they were like pre-pill – it was a while ago now!
Recent panic inspired by news that both my mum and her mum had fairly early menopause. would a doctor/gynaecologist ever do anything other than advise me to get all the babies I want out asap?!

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