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Could I be pregnant after taking the morning after pill?

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ivgi7 Sun 24-Mar-13 12:48:43

Hello, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right group, as i've only just joined mumsnet. If not, please could you direct me to the group that I should post in.

Last Saturday a condom spilt on me and my husband. The following morning I taken Levonelle 1500. I was on day 16 of a possible 30 day cycle. The past few days I have had very sore breasts, last night I noticed that in my right breast I have a sore lump just behind the nipple area...nothing on the other one. I have also noticed veins on my breasts, but i'm not sure if their usually there. I have also had a lot of cramps. I'm slightly worried as the last time I taken levonelle was back in 2008 and I got pregnant with my daughter, I also taken that pill within 12 hrs of unprotected sex. I think i'm approx 8dpo and due on next saturday. Would a pregnancy test work now? Could the symptoms I have be a side effect of the levonelle? x

meditrina Sun 24-Mar-13 12:56:31

You're probably seeing symptoms because you are worried (especially as you're not sure if some were there anyhow).

Yes, MAP can fail.

It can also muck up your cycle (pack leaflet suggests by about 5 days).

If AF doesn't turn up as expected, then I'd test at the time it was due (are you normally regular?) and again 5 days later if still no show.

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