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Has anyone become pregnant on implanon?

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Jam2690 Sat 23-Mar-13 18:19:42


I have been on implanon for nearly 3 years now. I had it inserted on the 25th of may 2010 and on my card it says the removal due date is the 25th of march. Thats two months early? So I'm not sure if that means I will still be protected if I have sex?
I have been feeling really hormonal, tender breasts, nausea and cramping so I was worried that I might be pregnant because I had sex 2 weeks ago, very close to the removal date. Now I've seen this and it seems very unlikely that I'm pregnant, probably just hormones? Has anyone else fallen pregnant toward the end of their implant?

shelldockley Wed 27-Mar-13 10:12:24

You've probably made your appointment for your replacement by now but I just wanted to say don't worry. The implant works for 3 years, they will have just put that earlier date because they prefer to replace it a couple of months earlier. I didn't know this and left it right until the 3 year date, actually longer, to get mine changed and I didn't get pregnant despite not using protection practically up to the 3 year date! They told me then that you should really get it changed a couple of months before. I'm sure you'll be fine, I did a few pregnancy tests after having the new one just to be sure.

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