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Pregnancy with implanon?

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samsmumm Mon 18-Mar-13 23:24:38

I know it highly unlikely, and probably has been posted on here a million times already! But I am getting symptoms, such as putting on weight, feeling tired, little kicks in my stomach witch are becoming more frequent, craving coffee all day even though I used to hate even the smell of it..

I tried to make a drs appointment but they wouldn't let me see someone without doing a pregnancy test first.. ugh!

A couple months ago I was prescribed cerezete? The mini pill on top of my implanon to control my periods. I took these for maybe just over a montI still have 'periods' even with these symptoms, about one week on e week off   
Think I'm going mad! I've had the implant for maybe a year and a half now. Nit over weight or anything either.

alandriasmummy Tue 19-Mar-13 17:37:04

I bled when on Implanon and told it was completely normal.The liklihood of your falling pregnant on it is extremely slim but possible... however faling pregnant while taking another form of contraception as well? I'd say that was as close to impossible as you're going to get.

Cravings and anything resembling a real kick aren't going to happen for a long time into your pregnancy, when I imagine you would know for sure what you were feeling. Take a test but I wouldn't panic. I very much doubt you're pregnant. Probably working yourself up. Sure your symptoms will disappear when you discover you're not.

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