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Norgeston anyone?

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Bunny19 Fri 22-Mar-13 10:05:36

Im on norgeston as im breastfeeding, I havent had any problems with it although I dont have any history of having bad reactions to different pills, apart from abit of PMT, Yasmin made me want to throw myself off the top of a high building lol!
As for the higher risk of cancer etc I dont read to much in to it because I think they all have risks and the companies that make them have to cover themselves! Maybe thats naive of me but I try not to think about it and condoms are just not reliable for me! DD is only 6 months old we cant afford to have any accidents at the moment!

Yummymummy3maz Mon 11-Mar-13 20:28:26

Hi all
Well been prescribed norgeston today after a 'morning after pill scenario!'
I have 3 dc, 2 of which are twins we have used condoms up to this point, when I was 16 took the pill and can't handle oestrogen it gives me severe migraines so always assumed that I couldn't take oral contraception however the morning after pill levenelle one step was surprisingly ok I thought I'd have severe side affects and really had none if anything my mood was good! I suffer bad bad pmt to the point of crazy, hope I'm not the only one! Plus bad periods bad pain nausea & migraine when I'm due on! So, I am meant to start Tom just read leader now crapping it - risk higher for breast cancer & DVT????? Talk about scaring me senceless, would like to know if anyone has Anything to say about this pop???? Thanks ladies x

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