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Coil, IUD, Experiences, Painful, Periods, HELLLLP!!

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AbbyH Mon 25-Feb-13 13:36:18

Hi, After having my 1st child (2.5yrs ago) I went back onto my normal cilest pill only to find that I forgot to take it 6/10 times so I went on the evra patch until November when I took it off after it started to irritate my skin & made me sick most the time so Ive been off contraception for 4 months & feeling great!! I really would love baby no2 but partner isnt ready for another just yet maybe a year or so, sooo I need another form of contraception with least hormones as poss...Im thinking the coil but so worried about having it fitted & how it wil feel :-/ xxhmmxx

RightUpMyRue Mon 25-Feb-13 13:44:39

I had a copper coil fitted after suffering from a cervical erosion caused by the pill. I opted for a copper one because I wanted to avoid all extra hormones.

TBH it was quite uncomfortable when it was fitted. Your cervix needs to be clamped open to insert it and I found those clamps quite painful. I didn't actually feel the coil itself go in. I felt a bit crampy and uncomfortable for a couple of days after it was fitted but this soon went and all was fine.

My periods were certainly heavier and more painful for the first couple of months or so after the coil was fitted. This got better however and after a while it was absolutely fine.

I found it to be an excellent contraceptive with very few side effects. Removal was a piece of cake, it was just whipped out. When I've given birth and need contraception again I won't hesitate to go for a coil again.

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