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Has anyone used the Cyclotest fertility monitor?

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Moominmamma86 Wed 06-Feb-13 18:46:52


I had a baby a few months ago and am currently thinking about what contraception to use long-term.

I'm considering having the contraceptive injection every three months - any experiences with that? Would you recommend?

I have read about the cyclotest monitor though and find it really appealing because of the lack of hormones etc. It sounds reliable and is apparently popular in Germany but apart from the initial outlay I am also a bit nervous - how reliable is it really? Has anyone here used it successfully (or otherwise)?

I do need a pretty safe form of contraception, another baby just now would be very difficult to deal with - although I know nothing is ever 100% and I'm ok with that. How do these fertility monitors compare with, say, the pill though?

imonkey Thu 04-Apr-13 13:18:10

I haven't heard about the cyclotest monitor but I've googled it and the reviews seem positive. It does seem expensive though!

Have you read Taking Charge of your Fertility by Toni Weschler?

It describes how women can learn to recognise whereabouts they are in their cycle and whether they are fertile or not- by taking your temperature and monitoring cervical fluid/ cervix position etc.

I read it and starting charting my temps etc but decided that to be safe we would still always use condoms. But after a couple of months I found myself knowing that if I had sex at a certain point in my cycle there was no way I could conceive, so I am now using it for birth control. If you read the book and follow the rules fully then it's a completely effective form of contraception, and when practiced it's much easier than it first sounds!

Highly recommend the book, that and a digital thermometer are much cheaper than the cyclotest monitor!

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