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40+ and the Pill

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Ninetyninepercent Sun 03-Feb-13 19:59:33

My GP suggested that I should think about other options than the pill from when I was 39. I have no high risk factors. I went with the Mirena coil in the end, and its been fine - no issues but did have few months of spotting but since then no periods at all, which is quite nice. Another option to consider.

Dahlialover Sun 03-Feb-13 19:57:08

I was on it until 49 (never smoked, good normal blood pressure etc), from 21 with breaks for children.

Then I got taken off it because I have 'experienced migraine with aura'. Never had a problem whilst on the pill.

I was given progesterone only ones instead, as they are 'safer' (can't see that from reading side effects.....) They make me V constipated. Since I have just had a rectocele repair, (prolapse of rectum into vagaina) I am never taking anything like that ever again.

I am desperately hoping I have gone past the meno whilst on the cp,

derektheladyhamster Sun 03-Feb-13 19:44:49

I'm 40 later in the year, and I'm planning on staying on it for as long as I can!

thenightsky Sun 03-Feb-13 19:43:08

Same as cake Family Planning Clinic had no issues with my taking it into my 40s and up to 50. I'm also a non-smoker, healthy weight, low BP etc.

cakeisnotaproperbreakfast Sun 03-Feb-13 19:39:54

My GP starting getting antsy about me being on the combined pill when I got to 35 despite having no risk factors (same as you; healthy BMI, lifelong non smoker, no family history) so I went to my local family planning clinic instead. Felt like a right old gimmer compared to all the teens & 20-somethings there (am 38) but they were lovely & said as long as nothing changes, then according to their prescribing guidelines I can stay on the combined pill until I am 50.

fedupwithdeployment Fri 01-Feb-13 17:19:27

Bump! Has no one any thought on this? Any of you aged early 40s on the Pill?

fedupwithdeployment Fri 01-Feb-13 14:49:18

Should I insist he gets snipped?

Of should I keep on popping pills?

fedupwithdeployment Fri 01-Feb-13 12:51:46

I have been on the pill for years (probably about 20) and have had no problems with it at all. I am 42, have 2 children and don't want to have any more....occasionally I have suggested to DH that he might get snipped, but he hasn't done anything about it. As I am happy on the pill, I haven't pressed the point.

But, have just been to Dr to pick up repeat prescription, and although they gave it to me, they clearly thought I should be considering other options because of the risk factors.

What do you think?

My weight is fine (63kg) for my height (165cm).
My bood pressure is excellent (don't ask me what, but low side of normal).
I have never smoked.
My Dad does have heart issues, but is overweight.
My mother died of cancer (smoking related).

I would welcome all advice. Thanks in advance.

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