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Mirena coil perforation

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BlayreMackellar Wed 06-Feb-13 15:20:53

I had the coil inserted 3 months ago amd for the past 4/5 days i have had paims in my pelvic area on the right hand side and last night i woke up in severe pain then after about 2 hours it wasn't too bad today i am very sore and VERY uncomfortable and since last night my partner and i cant feel the threads...
I'm really scared and cant find info regarding my symptoms.
Please help sad x

Dahlialover Tue 05-Feb-13 14:11:41

It is frustrating when things do not go to plan. Sorry it is taking a while to recover. Get well soon thanks

orangeblosssom Sun 03-Feb-13 08:11:56

It's been really hard going. Although I've recovered laparoscopy wise(wounds healed well), I'm still getting pelvic pain. The consultant says it may be till Easter until I'm fully recovered.

Seabird72 Mon 14-Jan-13 16:28:08

I have just had this coil fitted 4 days ago. I was advised that it was a good option as the pill I had tried in the past seemed to not agree with me and I had taken citalapram for pms but then had stopped and symptoms getting worse - periods every 2 weeks and pms starting up to 10 days before next period. Felt like I was going mad to Dr suggested this coil as it had no metal (I'm allergic to practically every metal around) and she said it would stop my periods and also stop ovulation so would stop the pms. It was uncomfortable to have fitted but the bleeding has virtually stopped now. I keep having slight twinges and I keep worrying about it coming out! I've been on various forums feeling I really should read up on it as I rushed into it due to the promise of it stopping periods and pms - I've been horrified at some forums - people complaining about loss of sex drive (mine was already incredibly low), excessive facial hair but loss of other hair, increased weight (as in 2-3 stone not just a few lbs) severe depression and that it has come out!!! I'm happy I didn;t suffer the terrible experience that you suffered and I seem to be ok so far - however I do feel a little bloated and hungry all the time! - since you have a special knowledge of these things maybe you can give me some more information about possible side effects - am I worrying over nothing? I know it is meant to be replaced after 5 years but some peopel have said they had no problems until 3-4 years and then decided to get it removed - I had hoped that this would be the answer to my prayers and all I would do is trot along for a replacement in another 5 years and keep doing that until I hit menopause! Does anyone have any positive experiences with this coil??

whizmum Sun 13-Jan-13 20:44:03

Yes, that happened to a friend of mine and was her first experience of contraception (she had already had her children, well spaced, without). She got sterilised, during the op to remove it. It is also the reason I turned down the opportunity to have one - I feel it is too big a risk as I think I may have gone through the menopause already without noticing (possibly some years ago!)so it is an unneccessary one in my eyes.

orangeblosssom Sun 13-Jan-13 20:16:06

I thought I'd share my experience with others about what happened with a coil insertion. I had a mirena coil inserted 4 weeks ago. At the time of insertion it was very painful. The family planning consultant was worried she may have perforated and sent me for an ultrasound scan. I had it done that very day and the scan didnt show a coil in the uterus. I went to A&E the next morning as the pain got worse overnight and became sharp. A xray showed that the coil could be seen but a further ultrasound needed to be done. As it was the weekend I had to wait till Monday. A further ultrasound did not show the coil to be in the uterus. I was put on the list for a laparoscopy. As it was christmas I had to wait for the new year for the first elective/planned laparoscopy list. I had so much pain.I also have 2 children, a 2 year old and a 8 month old so it was difficult to manage the pain and 2 babies. I had the laparoscopy 6 days ago. The coil was found behind the uterus in the pouch of douglas. I also had to have a blood vessel cauterised as there was blood in the pelvis. I'm recovering now but it has been a hard slog especially as I had an elective c section with my second child, then an ERCP for retained products when she as 3 months old and now this.
The irony is I'm a GP with special interst in family planning and I've inserted many coils in patients myself.
I think I'll stick to the pill....

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