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Poly cystic ovaries

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baileysontherocks Sun 06-Jan-13 00:16:21

Hi I'm wondering if someone could give ,e some healthy eating tip sto help me shed some weight as I have pros and I'm quite large I've been to my docs and they have prescribed me metformin and as for my weight I got referred to a weight loss clinic in my area and was told that I only need to put on a bit more weight for surgery so they can't help me I went back to my docs and told him this and he's currently trying to help me but the NHS won't pay out anymore h(he moans about this on a regular basis) anyways whilst I'm waiting I'm wanting to shed some weight I'm starting to do an hours walk a day as I can t do anything more ATM as when i had my daughter they damaged a nerve in my back with the epidural hmm can anyone give me a good meal plan or tips on weight loss that has help them conceive as we have been trying for 2+ years now and still nothing and I see this is my only chance hmm

baileysontherocks Sun 06-Jan-13 14:59:29


baileysontherocks Mon 07-Jan-13 16:04:09


boobilina Thu 10-Jan-13 18:09:01

Hi there

I too have pcos and was advised to lose about 8kg. I went on a low gi diet in October, had lost 7 kg by December and I have just discovered I am pregnant!

Best thing I ever did!

There are plenty of gi books or recipes online - for pcos sufferers it is essential to balance blood sugar

Also give up alcohol - it is simply like drinking glucose!

smokinaces Thu 10-Jan-13 18:12:09

Follow low carb. No processed food. No pasta. No bread. Very little fruit. Vegetables, meat, protein, salads.

I dropped nearly four stone with pcos in all.

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