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Mini - pill - three months in and it's still not settling

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ckbarker1979 Sat 17-Nov-12 07:28:03

As the title suggests I've been in the mini pill now for three months and I have mostly bled every day. Not enough for a tampon or even a sanitary towel sometimes, just there every time I wipe. Getting me down and ruining good knickers!!
I have really painful periods even after 2 kids so am willing to try everything. Have tried the lot so far and nothing seems to work for me. Have heard it takes 6 months to settles and I will wait. But what if it doesn't??!!

Any advice/success stories much appreciated!!


CatsRule Sat 17-Nov-12 09:26:08

I take cerazette amd the first time I was similar for a few months then ot went away and I didn't have periods at all...which was great!

After having my ds I went back on it amd I didn't have any spotting this time nor any periods.

The first time I took it I did find my hair was a bit lank and thin, it is again this time but possibly to do with just having a baby.

I know the mini pill isn't for everyone but I would try and persevere. I can't take the combined pill and, as mich as they tried to convince me about the coil I hated the thought of that.

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