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linzijane Fri 16-Nov-12 21:01:06

Hi I have had the implant in for a year and half now I have 2 little boys already and had a misscarriage.
Since havin the implant I have had servere stomac cramps,, heavy bleedings last months feeling tired all the time mood swings constant cryin I have also been to my GP he just said its normal will calm down in a few week and gave me tablets to calm the bleed.
Now I am bleedin constant but it is black I have no stomac cramps but can hardly eat is this all noraml like my GP says ????

MerlotforOne Sat 17-Nov-12 00:18:48

Symptoms that you describe can be normal in the first 6 months of having an implant, but if theyve not settled after 18 months, they're unlikely to.
You can either choose to have the implant removed and try something else, or use a low dose contraceptive pill in addition to the implant to control the bleeding and cramps.

If your GP isn't up to speed, try seeing another Dr at the practice - look on their website and see if anyone has DFFP or DFSRH after their name ( these are specific family planning qualifications), or otherwise try your local family planning clinic.

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