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Do I need MAP?!

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NorthernNumpty Thu 15-Nov-12 20:08:25

So, apologies if TMI (although after pooby I doubt anything is TMI!!) forgot my pill on Saturday night. Took Sunday evening (normal pill time) had sex with a condom last night. Condom came off inside me as we 'uncoupled' don't think there was much if any 'spillage' Do I need MAP?

vodkaanddietirnbru Thu 15-Nov-12 21:02:23

what pill are you on. Netdoctor has this info for the combined pills:

If you miss only one Pill, you'll probably be OK. Take it as soon as you remember – and then take the next one on time (even if that means you’re taking the two of them at the same time).
If you want to be super careful, you could avoid sex for the next seven days – or take extra precautions.

However, if you're more than 12 hours late in taking the Pill, avoid sex for the next seven days – or take extra precautions. And consider taking the 'emergency contraceptive' – see below.

Missing more than one Pill is quite risky – particularly near the beginning or end of a packet. To avoid pregnancy, follow the advice on the pack leaflet strictly.
To be frank, the 'missed Pill advice' in these leaflets is pretty complicated. If you're in doubt:

call a family planning clinic for personal advice
consider using emergency contraception (the morning-after pill)
don't have sex until you're sure you're fully protected.

whizmum Fri 16-Nov-12 14:34:40

It is more risky to miss a pill early in the cycle. I missed many in 20+ years, but seem to have got away with it!

Good advice to talk to FP for further advice if you are worried. I have always found the instructions difficult to make sense of.

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