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What's the best contraception for me?

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fancynancypants Fri 19-Oct-12 14:01:24

I am 27 and have two children (youngest is 5wks). Prior to having them I was on the pill for around 10 years.

I want something longer term (want at least 5 years off having babies!) that I dont have to think about every day.

I am thinking my options are injection or implant. I don't want a coil - I have totally had enough of anyone fiddling about down there!!

My biggest worry is weight gain however, I seriously dont want to gain weight and have heard bad things about the injection in this respect.

ANy thoughts?


I'd suggest the implant. Its a fairly new form of contraceptive so there's not much conclusive research re weight gain.

I had the implant for just over three years. Never gained weight, lost weight in fact! To be honest, I had no side effects at all. My only concern was the lack of periods, I never had one! I was so worried that my body 'didn't work anymore' that I had it removed. Fell pregnant 3 months later, I now have 12 week old DS! I'm using micronor as breast feeding. Not ready to commit to anything long term yet but when I do, it will definitely be the implant!

I must add, many females in my female are using the injection but they have all gained a considerable amount of weight. It may be a genetic thing though.


Geordieminx Fri 19-Oct-12 21:18:21

I know you don't want anyone fiddling down there, but a copper coil really would be your best option.. No hormones so no wait gain/mood swings and you don't need to worry about it for 5 years

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