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confuzz Wed 17-Oct-12 16:45:40

ok everyone ive had the implanon implant in for 2years and 9months. ive had a period religiously up until 2 months ago when all the pregnancy symptoms started, i bled a little but only when wiping. i have two daughters and have had a miscarrage before, i have also had the implant in before this one but only had two periods until i got it out 2 years after. my breasts are swollen and extremely sore to touch, metally taste a few weeks back, anyway literally all preg pointers under the sun!!! ive done a few tests to which are all neg apart from one last month?? ive been told the implant can mask preg and hpt, but also have learnt that a blood test can also come back neg even if you are, the only way for sure is apparently getting it out and testing, but then if i do either way im up crap creek incase i got preg anyway. ive been with my partner 8 years and its never been hard to get pregnant so im really worried now. any info at all you think might be of help would be brilliant, i know of people that have fallen preg on the implant, could it of failed as i only have 3 months to go? i know its not inserted wrong because i would of been preg before now and its definately not snapped or moved

Lisatay25 Fri 19-Oct-12 05:30:40

Go to the docs Hun I had the same after a year had 5 out of 7 positive sp I had it taken out and copper coil put in they scanned me and nothing was there I read online it cud of been a chemical pregnancy xxxx

GimmeIrnBru Fri 19-Oct-12 17:45:33

I had metallic taste in my mouth a few weeks ago (I just had the Implant out today), felt dizzy, nauseous, etc (basically all symptoms you'd associate with being pregnant). But I'm not pregnant. I think it may be the surge in hormones in the implant, tbh. I feel fine already and I had it out a few hours ago! No more weird tastes in my mouth...Hope you find out what's going on, OP.

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