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having a mirena fitted when breastfeeding

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sleeplessinderbyshire Wed 03-Oct-12 22:21:59

Bitten the bullet and have appointment this week to get a Mirena. DD2 is 12 weeks old EBF and I have not had a period since she was born (periods returned at 9/10 weeks with DD1 which was no fun). I know spotting/bleeding is very common in the first 3 months after fitting but if I am still not having periods because of EBF how likely is it that I will escape this and not bleed too much? (hoping will not bleed as my cystocoele has got loads worse after DD2 and I doubt a tampon would be comfortable or stay in)

UndercoverExpert Thu 04-Oct-12 12:46:54

Hi Sleepless, can't say for sure but I would hope that you'll have very little bleeding because the endometrium should already be quite thin if you're EBF at 12 weeks postnatal.

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