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Mirena side effects getting worse - what can I use instead?

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FoxtrotFoxtrotSierra Wed 03-Oct-12 08:42:53

I had a Mirena fitted just under two years ago and for the first eighteen months was totally happy with it. No periods, no side effects, no issues. Since then it's been causing me some issues, mostly with teenage skin (am 34 FFS) and more recently boobs so swollen and tender that I'd gladly hack them off - last night it was painful to have the duvet on top of me!

I'm now seriously considering ditching it, but wondered what to use instead. I can't take the combined pill as it sends my blood pressure sky high, I'd like something more reliable than the mini-pill (and to be honest I'm scared of forgetting to take it at the exact right time), DH and I don't want children so we want something very reliable and I'd like it to be easy on a day to day basis. On this I'm leaning towards sterilisation/vasectomy, but wondered if I'd overlooked a miracle different option.

Bumpstart Wed 03-Oct-12 11:42:28

Hi, are you sure it's the mirena causing these side effects? I would have thought it unusual for them to start after 18 months of it being ok. Have you poas just in case?

Cerazette(mimi pill) have a 12 hour window to take it in. I'm not sure how the reliability compares to other pills, and my instruction leaflet does not say what percent reliable it is.

Have you been on the fpa website? They have loads of information.

Good luck finding something that suits.

Lottapianos Wed 03-Oct-12 11:47:36

'DH and I don't want children so we want something very reliable and I'd like it to be easy on a day to day basis'

Foxtrot, I am in exactly the same position. I had my Mirena fitted 2 and half years ago and it was marvellous up until about a month ago. I've had odd cramps and bleeding, and sore boobs too for the last few weeks. I had a massive panic and did a pregnancy test but luckily it was negative.

I'm thinking about having mine removed too. I started a thread earlier this week asking what is the most reliable form of contraception and most people said it's the implant - specifically Nexplanon. So I'm going to discuss that with my GP. Also been considering just going back on the pill although I know it's not an option for you.

TBH, I would love to come off hormonal contraception completely. When oh when oh when are they going to get their fingers out and come up with an implant for men to use???? I've been on hormones for over 10 years and I would love a break confused

expatinscotland Wed 03-Oct-12 11:49:48

Copper coil - no hormones, very effective.

FoxtrotFoxtrotSierra Wed 03-Oct-12 11:53:45

Yes I POAS to stop the fear just in case. It was thankfully negative.

I can't think of anything else it might be - it's like I have dreadful PMS but without the period, and the main symptom is really painful boobs. If there's anything else it could be I'd love the suggestions, as until now I was the biggest supporter of the Mirena.

I'm with you there, Lotta - I'd love to drop the hormones entirely, as there's always been a side effect I've had to cope with. With the implant I spotted constantly, with mirena I have sore boobs, the pill shoots my blood pressure sky high. I'd like to avoid the copper coil as DSis is the result of one failing, and I'm concerned about heavy periods as mine aren't exactly light.

The FPA website gives lots of facts but no user experiences, it just gives me all my options but doesn't steer me too well iyswim.

Do you think I can ask DH to have the snip for my birthday?

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