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NatashaBee Mon 27-Aug-12 01:59:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Northumberlandlass Mon 27-Aug-12 13:13:06

Hey Natasha, i was sterilised usual way just last Thurs. My health authority doesn't offer Essure so it took the decision out of my hands! But, As far as I can tell Essure has fantastic reviews and is far less invasive than the traditional kind.

This probably isn't much use! Hopefully someone will come along soon to help

NatashaBee Mon 27-Aug-12 14:51:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Northumberlandlass Mon 27-Aug-12 15:08:06

Well...i was only in hospital as a day patient. Op was at 10am under GA and I was allowed home at 3pm. But i was completely spaced out on effect of GA & morphine (it hurt much more than I thought when I came round). Plus only allowed out if I had someone to look after me for next 48 hours.

I am still in a bit of pain & can't drive until Wed. They offered me a sick note for a week - but i can self certify at work for that long so refused. I can't do v much still, but I'm not taking pain killers, plus my DS is nearly 9 so I don't have to run around after him.

The wounds (2 holes, one near bikini line & one in tummy button) are healing well, its more like strong period pain & i'm bleeding a bit.

Hope this helps, just ask if any questions x

MarianForrester Mon 27-Aug-12 15:14:13

I've had Essure. It is brilliant! Took few minutes, if that, no worse than smear. Home by train straight after.

Then a check up with an ultrasound three months later to check it has worked.

Just great. I couldn't get on with hormonal contraception; condoms horrid; and really didn't want GA and actual op. I got mine on NHS cos of all this, plus age and had difficult birth.

Northumberlandlass Mon 27-Aug-12 15:18:36

Oh and I have private health at work but because it was 'elective' surgery they wouldn't cover it.

QueenStromba Sun 02-Sep-12 21:24:36

I had Essure done six months ago. My GP hadn't heard of it and I didn't know of any doctors in my primary care trust that did it so she referred me for normal sterilisation but the consultant wouldn't do it because I was too overweight. The consultant did tell me that my GP could refer me to a consultant outside of my primary care trust though. So I went back to my GP armed with a list of doctors who did Essure (I got this list by emailing Essure through their website) and she referred me to one of them.

I had it done in Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford. There doesn't seem to be any one protocol that everyone in the UK follows. I had to take an old endometriosis treatment called danozol for six weeks to thin my womb lining to make it easier to place the inserts. I didn't feel great on it and had to stop taking my pill so it was condoms or abstinence (we chose abstinence because we hate condoms so much and I wasn't really in the mood anyway). They also do the procedure under general anesthetic there which doesn't seem to be the norm even here. I'm glad they did though because when I came around I had terrible cramping - I've not had kids so I can't compare it to childbirth but I have had periods so bad that I can't move and it was up there with them. Someone on this thread didn't have the danozol or the general anesthetic and had to get them to stop the procedure because it was too painful and I imagine I'd have been the same without the GA. In the States it seems that it's common to be prescribed a pessary which you insert the night before which opens up your cervix to make it easier. If you aren't having a GA then I'd advise you to ask about that.

I had to cycle ibuprofen and paracetamol for a couple of days after the procedure but that's probably just my sensitive uterus and I felt rather crappy for a few days because of the GA. Other than that I've had no discernible effects and it wasn't so bad that I wouldn't have done it all again if one of the inserts hadn't been in place at my follow up x-ray.

NatashaBee Sun 02-Sep-12 23:09:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dorsetcath Wed 31-Oct-12 18:57:48

Hi MarianForrester,
Could you possibly tell me where you had it done, and who did it? Am thinking of having it for the same reasons as you.

Duritzfan Wed 31-Oct-12 19:18:52

And me too Marian - have approached my GP once but got sent away with the mini pill .. I can't take the pill as I have a clotting disorder and have well and tilt f

Duritzfan Wed 31-Oct-12 19:19:44

Oops .. Well and truly finished with having babies ... How hard did you have to push to get Essure ?

MarianForrester Wed 31-Oct-12 19:41:54

Dr Sue Milne at Royal Infirmary Edinburgh. I found out about it and spoke to practice nurse who sorted it out with funding. I think an application needed to be made locally for funding.

MarianForrester Wed 31-Oct-12 19:46:00

I didn't have too much trouble, tbh. I had been "approved" for normal sterilisation, but was concerned about the difficulties of GA and recovery. I thought there must be a better way; Googled and found Essure smile

MarianForrester Wed 31-Oct-12 19:47:54

Oh, and the private cost I was quoted by the Essure people was £2,500.

Dorsetcath Wed 31-Oct-12 20:07:41

Thanks. Did they warn you of any risks?

MarianForrester Wed 31-Oct-12 20:18:41

Usual sort of possible infection; small risk perforation; not working!

You do have to go back for a follow up scan about 3 months later to check it's worked.

I am really pleased tho. No op, no hormones, no babies. I think it's such a shame it's not more widely available and known about. My surgery had never heard of it until I raised it after my quick Internet search.

brettgirl2 Sat 10-Nov-12 14:11:35

I'm booked in for next month.... Birmingham womens hospital. Live in the midlands but not in brum GP just referred me and it just went through seemingly no questions asked. I'm a bit scared tbh (being the nhs the earliest appointment after consultation was 3 months later!)

hetty37 Thu 22-Nov-12 15:33:54

I am a bit shocked still - I had essure last year, I have just found out I am pregnant. Absolutely gutted, I have just phoned essure to tell them and today sat with my very shocked consultant. I thought it was fantastic, I was proud I had had it done, recommended it to my friends - what a waste of time and now we have to sort all this out............................

QueenStromba Thu 29-Nov-12 17:39:57

I'm sorry to hear about that Hetty. Have they any idea what went wrong?

hetty37 Fri 30-Nov-12 13:52:39

I had a follow up scan after 3 months which confirm coils were in the right position. Apparently one of these has disappeared. This means I have to have a laparoscopy to find it...... it can perforate uterus or colon... there is a massive lawsuit with erin brockovich taking place in US. I don't think the data the company provide is accurate and not many gynae doctors or consultants know anything about it. Biggest mistake I ever made - I already have 4 children, i'm 42 and just starting a new career.

HalfFrench Wed 02-Jan-13 11:16:51

I am booked in to have the Essure procedure done next week under the NHS.

Initially felt quite positive about it but have been doing some more digging about on the internet and now don’t feel quite as positive. Have been watching this thread with interest - NatashaBee did you have the procedure done? If you did how do you feel - if you didn't why did you decide againist it?

HalfFrench Thu 03-Jan-13 14:48:07

Anyone?? Bump.

Fangsoup Sun 25-May-14 02:25:04

I wonder how many of you guys actually got essure, after all was said and done. I know this is obviously an old thread. It breaks my heart that so many obviously intelligent women were seeking out this dreadful device. I know first hand that this device is making thousands of women sick. Myself included. ..And because this is an old thread I'll save the details. ..But for anyone else who is considering it and runs into this thread. ...I urge you to do some research, the information you would be seeking is readily available.

fanjolina Sun 25-May-14 04:46:59

Fangsoup, please can you provide details or a link where I can read myself. Am now worried.

meditrina Wed 28-May-14 13:53:55

Essure doesn't seem to have taken off in UK.

I have seen comments that it is more reliable than conventional female sterilisation, and so was interested in hetty's posts (and hope it all worked out for you somehow).

With passage of time, is the difference in failure rates narrowing?

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