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Nexaplon-what are your experiences?

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pumpkinsweetie Mon 16-Apr-12 15:37:09

I had the Nexaplon arm rod inserted july of last year and i thought it would be a good form of contraception of which it is but since i have had it put in
A: no periods (this doesn't bother me)
B: have a had a large appetite and have put on a stone since inserted
C: headaches
D: The big problem of it is that have next to no libido which has now got to the point of having absolutely no sex drive what-so-ever amd my H has now got upset with me rejecting him and also not inisuating sex.
I would like to have it taken out due to it causing relationship & weight problems but i am scared about it being painful to remove it and embarresed about the doctor having to know the reason for removal (locums normally) gp might also say no as i havent had it a year yet?

Does anyone know a scale on 1-10 how painful removal will be and will doc deny it?

Im also wondering what contraception would be better?-any advice?
As i already have 4 dcs i dont want anymore for atleast 3 years

ToxicToria Mon 16-Apr-12 15:43:53

I had one in and hated it a huge weight gain, I bled for the full time I had it in. I'm not sure about your gp advising against it coming out as I had mine removed by a colleague but it wasn't painful at all, the injection to numb the arm was quite stingy but after that all I felt was a lot of tugging and pulling but it definitely wasn't painful.

ToxicToria Mon 16-Apr-12 15:47:00

Also the only contraception that has worked well for me is the pill but it really varies for each person. Maybe you could look into the injection? I have heard a lot of good things about that!

pumpkinsweetie Mon 16-Apr-12 15:54:55

I tried the injection before and i suffered the same affects.
The pill worked well...but i forget sometimes to take itblush

marygoround Mon 16-Apr-12 17:14:54

My experience since last sept- hair loss my hair is now really thin sad, pregnancy like symptoms (feeling sick, sore breasts), bad skin, loads of bleeding pretty much constant period when I wasnt feeling preg.

I havent gained weight about the only good thing.

I have arranged to get mine removed at FP clinic - they havent asked why or complained. ToxicToria - thanks for saying its not too sore, I have been worried.

If they get uppity about getting it removed just say its because you want to concieve they cannot argue with that.

ToxicToria Mon 16-Apr-12 17:45:44

In my experience much more than half the people who get them in have really bad side effects and end up wanting them removed quickly but I would stand your ground if they try to persuade you to keep it! No its definitely not sore the worst part is the injection mine was pretty difficult and took some time to get out but I never felt a thing

pumpkinsweetie Mon 16-Apr-12 18:06:56

Thanku ToxicToria i will definetly have it removed now smile

EchoDragon Thu 19-Apr-12 14:57:59

I have found the implant ok. Have had one removed and another put in. They will give you a local anaesthetic and then take it out, Your left with a small cut which they dressed and advised to keep dry for one week. The only downside I found was my arm was covered in a rather huge bruise. But I do bruise very easily.

Do go to your FP clinic tho. I have been today to ask about my second being removed as we are TTC they are going to remove it without question.

kt1012 Tue 06-Nov-12 20:27:11

I had an implanon and then switched to a nexplanon. I hated my nexplanon so much. I gained weight, had mood swings, acne, loss of sex drive! It was not fun. My Dr. did try to talk me out of having it removed but I stood my ground. She had put it in too deep so I had to go to a surgeon to have it removed. It still wasn't bad, as stated before the anasthetic is the worst part.

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