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27 And want to be sterilised

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Coffeeisking Wed 19-Oct-11 13:12:25

Title says it all really, I have an appointment with a GP booked on Friday,

I have thought about this on and off over the last few years, I have 2 children, my youngest is 4 and now in school.

I am certain this is what I need to do now, and look forward to my life with my DS and DD who are more than enough for us. Hormone contraception is a no for me as I lose the plot on it. I am prepared for various scenarios to be thrown at me, and have to support of my DP. We have many reasons why another child in our life would be a very bad idea, Now and in the long term.

So what I was wondering is would have have a fight on my hands due to my age?

foolonthehill Wed 19-Oct-11 13:29:59

Probably not too much of a fight...I mean, you sound intelligent and like you've worked it through, you are in a stable relationship and you both agree.

Any GP worth their salt is going to challenge your request ( really you would want them to wouldn't you?) a little bit to check it really is a joint decision and you are not being pressurised into it...and that you have thought about the awful possibility of what you would feel like if something happened to one of your DCs...but after that you'll just keep getting the "you're awfully young are you sure?" question every time you see someone...

of course the operation for you is a bit more ( tho not much more) complex than for your there is another option ......I'm assuming that you have jointly thought about that too....

best of luck...FOTH

ShowOfHands Wed 19-Oct-11 13:33:38

I wonder if it's different for men and women? DH is 29 and has asked about vasectomies and he's been told no. Or they've offered it if he's happy to wait for 2 years, they'll put him on the waiting list then. Their main reasoning was clearly I might not want more but what if dh trades me in and wants dc with the newer model?

Coffeeisking Wed 19-Oct-11 15:06:02

We have both spoke about him having it and he really doesn't want the procedure. but also doesnt want anymore children. hes 34.

But I am more than happy to have it myself, he would be ok to continue as we are, if i didn't, its all my decision.

I agree doctors should question a decision like this and im prepared for that. smile

QueenStromba Wed 19-Oct-11 18:19:09

I was just about to update my thread on this very subject. I'm 29 and haven't had children but managed to get my GP to refer me and the consultant has agreed in principle to do it as long as I lose some weight and a second consultant signs off on it due to my age. Your GP will try to talk you out of it so here are some things for you to think about before Friday:

1. Why do you want to be sterilised rather than use long term contraception such as the mirena, implant or copper coil? If you don't have a good reason why these aren't suitable you'll end up with one of them. I've had the implant and it was awful for me which means I'm not willing to risk going through the same with the mirena and I've got heavy periods so they didn't even suggest the copper coil. If you can count all of those out they might still try and get you to consider another contraceptive option so it would be a good idea to think of reasons why all of them wouldn't be good long term. After giving the consultant a reason against all sensible contraceptive options she actually suggested a diaphragm which is just ridiculous since it has a 15% failure rate per year.

2. If for some reason you end up with another man would you still definitely not want any more children? It's not a nice thing to have to think about but it's definitely something the doctor will ask you because it's the main reason why people ask for reversals.

3. This is even worse to have to think about but if you lost your children would you want to have another?

4. It would be a good idea to research the risks and potential complications of the surgery. The consultant listed them for me in the scariest possible manner which would have terrified me if I hadn't done my research.

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