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Cerazette, Micronor , no sex?

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blackchloe Wed 28-Sep-11 20:38:12

Help. I need some advice as doctor I saw today was useless.

Pre DD2 I took Cerazette with no problems , no periods, no bleeding.
After DD2 I took Cerazette and bled continually for 4 weeks ( had only just stopped post birth bleeding for 8 weeks ) so fed up I came off it.

Went to doctors today and she said I could try it again and I should have given it 6 weeks as this is when the bleeding probably would have stopped.

Than she said I could try micronor instaed and bundled me off with a prescription for this.

Im so confused I dont know what to do? Still havent had sex with DH 14 weeks after birth and although he is very patient I am getting fed up. Can anyone advise? Should I try Cerazette again? or swap to Micronor?

Earthdog Wed 28-Sep-11 21:26:59

From what I have read Cerazette (which I am on) is more likely to stop bleeding, but different pills suit different people so you can only try them really and give things time to settle down. It took me a month or two for things to settle down on Cerazette.

marriednotdead Wed 28-Sep-11 21:39:18

Cerazette stops you ovulating whereas Micronor doesn't. I only found this out as Cerazette was used to treat/manage my endometriosis. I was given Micronor as a substitute when there was a national Cerazette shortage but told I couldn't stay on it because of that. IME ovulation and sex drive are definitely linked. The bleeding usually settles fairly quickly so hang in there.

Stick with the Micronor, Cerazette nearly ended my marriage!

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