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Mirena side effects: Could do with some advice please! :) Warning TMI

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Magurndy Sun 18-Sep-11 17:57:08


I have had the Mirena coil in for 7 months now and every month up until this month I had periods that would last two weeks and were actually rather painful at times, which is a little odd considering it is supposed to lighten them. I know it can take time to settle but, when I went to the family planning clinic they agreed that it was somewhat odd. They didn't do anything but ask me to go and have checks for STI's which all came back negative.

I had this coil fitted after a miscarriage last year and now this month I had symptoms which were like when I was pregnant. My breasts were incredibly sore, more than when I normally get PMT symptoms but that has stopped now, I had an insanely bad craving for chocolate, which is unusual for me and only occurred when I was pregnant and my period this month is considerably lighter, and more like brown discharge with very watery dark blood when I wipe. I just feel very "wet" down there but am hardly bleeding, I also had very severe ovulation pain during the month as well (or at least according to my father who is a gyno doctor that is what the pain was, it did feel like it).

Do you think it is the coil finally suddenly settling down, or could it be worth doing a pregnancy test to be on the safe side?

Thanks smile

QueenStromba Mon 19-Sep-11 14:04:16

It might just be the coil settling down. I'd say take a test anyway just to set your mind at rest - you can get a two pack for about £3.50 in Asda and apparently Poundland sell them.

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