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day 3 after copper coil - really painful tummy - is this normal?

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traceface Sat 03-Sep-11 19:56:39

I had a copper coil fitted on Wednesday morning, had some bleeding but was pretty much painfree. Thursday a little bleeding but completely comfortable - no pain at all. Thursday evening started with some pain - felt quite like wind pain but didn't ease with trumps or poo blush. Friday much worse, tender to press abdomen, hurts to straighten up. Woke in the night with the pain. Today (Saturday) a bit worse again, pain going round to my back a bit but mainly round tummy button and below. I was advised that I could have 3-4 days of period type pain, but to get checked out if it was worse or constant, so rang OOH GP today - nice lady doc said to go and get checked out. Turned up and saw male doc, who made me feel stupid for going, saying "did you not know to expect pain after having the coil?". He didn't check my temp or pulse, just said it was normal.
Is he right? Should it be this sore? Has anyone had this after coil insertion?

MsWeatherwax Sat 03-Sep-11 20:29:54

I don't remember that kind of pain. Period-like pain, yes, but not constantly even, just severe cramps. It sounds worrying to me, what if you had an infection or something - the time to get one with the coil is when it's inserted. Unimpressed with the doc you saw. Do you have a temperature/feel unwell otherwise?

traceface Sat 03-Sep-11 21:26:33

Hi. Thanks for replying. I don't think I have a high temp, but have been a bit shivery so maybe a slight one. Feel ok, eating ok but a bit woozy and really tired. Although tiredness is not unusual toddler doesn't let me get enough sleep! I guess I'll see how the night goes and see how I am in the morning. I just feltreally stupid for seeing the doc.

QueenStromba Sat 03-Sep-11 23:18:07

You could have a perforated uterus and/or an infection. I'd go see another doctor asap and insist that they examine you. And regardless of whether or not you turn out to have anything wrong with you, you should make a complaint about the first doctor you saw - to fob you off like that without even bothering to examine you is highly unprofessional.

pud1 Sat 03-Sep-11 23:22:00

I would get it checked again just to put your mind at rest but my coil was agony for about 2 weeks. Felt like my womb was trying to reject it. Like you I had no problem when it was fitted so the pains afterwards were a real shock. My first few periods were mor painful aswell but it has bee fine ever since

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