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Anyone using the Implant? What did you feel like after having it in?

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Tanz825 Fri 02-Sep-11 17:15:19

Hi ladies,

I was wondering is anyone is using the Implant? What was it like the first few days after having it inserted? I have just had Nexplanon inserted 2 days ago and its really painful. I have a huge black bruise on my arm and when i use the muscles in my arm (like to pick my LO up) I get intense shooting pains up my arm. Also today i feel really sick and feverish and like im in a world of my own. I had Implanon in a few years ago and it was nothing like this i had hardly any bruising and was completely pain free which is why im concerned that maybe this time it hasn't been inserted correctly. I know it's had been inserted as i can feel it under the skin but i'm thinking that maybe its been inserted to deeply for example. Was anyone else like this after having it in?

Please reply

QueenStromba Fri 02-Sep-11 19:24:01

Get yourself to the doctor. It could be moving down your arm or something. Mine was a bit painful for the first week or so (not as painful as yours by the sounds of it), then it was ok for about a week and then it started hurting again. I was getting horrible stabbing pains and when I looked at the implant the end was about a centimeter down from the insertion point, although sometimes it was lined up which meant it was moving up and down my arm by about a centimeter or more and each time it moved it caused me a lot of pain. They're really not supposed to do that so if it is doing that then you should get it taken out because after three years it could end up god knows where and you could have a lot of problems trying to get it taken out.

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