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can you share your experiences with the implant? thinking about getting one.

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chocjunkie Thu 01-Sep-11 18:02:35

that is it basically... would appreciate your experiences as I am thinking about getting it as well.


rushelle Thu 01-Sep-11 20:20:12

I had one put in when dd was 3 months old, no probs at all. I continued to Breast feed until she was 15 months, haven't had probs loosing weight. Periods are a bit hit and miss, nothing for 4 months then can last a fortnight, but not heavy. No PMS. I would recommend it.
It was slightly uncomfortable having it put it, but only for a few mins.
I had one because I wanted something longer term and the practise nurse said the injections can cause thinning of the bones if you are a bit older. Overall v happy with my choice.

QueenStromba Fri 02-Sep-11 17:06:53

My advice is to try the Cerazette minipill first because it's basically the exact same hormone so if you have problems on that then you'll probably have problems with the implant too. All progesterone only implants are based around three different synthetic versions of the hormone so if you have problems with one of a particular type then you'll probably have problems with all of them.

I had a terrible experience on the implant, check out my post on "Is anyone taking Cerazette?" just a few topics below for a description of how bad I was on the implant and cerazette.

loralou Sat 03-Sep-11 13:35:26

Id recommend it. I had no side effects and loved the fact of forgetting about it for 3 years plus if you have side effects once its removed. It leaves ur system within 24hours unlike the pill, and if your planning to ttc your fertilty levels return to normal within 24 hours too unlike the pill (upto 6 months)

RoseC Mon 12-Sep-11 11:55:39

I think it's better than the alternatives (if you don't want to use condoms all the time) as it has no proven links to increasing the risk of cancer etc. However I will be getting mine removed in the New Year, 18mo early (implanted June 2010), as I've just had a heavy, fortnight-long period and have decided the positives no longer outweigh the negatives. The implanon has helped with period pain but I was led to expect them to stop entirely (have since read that this is only true in c.20% of cases) and if anything they've got longer.

I have gone from being a reasonably placid person to having bouts of uncontrollable rage (literally shaking and screaming inside - haven't felt like this since I was a very young girl and had fights with DSis) and picking fights with DP. For the first month or so after I had it put in I also had severe bouts of dizziness, which impeded my coursework (this is why I'm taking it out in the NY - I can't risk my work being impacted this term). I also cry at the drop of a hat now, when I never used to.

The other major reason I'm getting it removed is that my sex drive has dropped to almost zero. I'm only 24 and don't want to turn around in a few years and think I wasted the healthiest years of my life on going to bed early with a good book! grin

OTOH, I experienced very little weight gain and have been able to lose what I gained. It is very convenient not to worry about pregnancy or the most serious side effects of other hormonal contraceptives (I would never go on the Pill for those reasons).

DP agrees with me getting it taken out and has suggested it on a couple of occasions. He looked relieved that I'd made a decision - I hadn't realised how much my mood swings were impacting on him. The sex thing doesn't bother him but the emotional side definitely does.

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