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Awful period pains 9 months post birth. Or something else?

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ellesabe Thu 25-Aug-11 15:41:21

I had dd by c-section and she was exclusively bf until weaning. I still bf her 4/5 times a day and haven't had a period yet.

Anyway today I suddenly started feeling very sick just before lunch and by the time I had driven home I was shaking like a leaf, pins and needles up to my elbows, having period-pain type cramps, feeling faint and wretching like I was going to puke. Also woke up with very achy shoulders and neck and thought I had just slept strangely but now my limbs are very achy too.

Before I had dd I was on the pill since age 15 for terrible period pains (similar symptoms as today) which I had hoped would disappear post birth.

At first I thought I was maybe pregnant as I have been a bit mucusy down there the last couple of days (sorry too much info!) But I wonder if it's actually my periods about to restart or just flu or something?

Has anyone else had extreme period pains post birth? Not sure whether to bother with a pg test...

Sorry for long post- thanks for reading!

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