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Pill Question

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BoysRusxxx Fri 19-Aug-11 22:43:13

I was due to start back on the pill about three weeks ago. Im on yasmine. I took the first pill but then as I started on anti-biotics and it would cancel it out anyway, i decided to leave it until next month to start. I got a 'period' a week after taking this one pill but that was two weeks ago and I still have it! It is not as heavy but enough to need a pad.

I didnt think only one pill would do this to me otherwise i would have just carried on taking it. Is this normal??

EDD24may Sat 20-Aug-11 18:58:22

Hi, new advice from WHO is that antibiotics don't interact with pill.if no unprotected sex without condom since you stopped pill and no chance pregnancy just restart're covered after 7 days. Bleed is not true period it's withdrawal from pill hormones. X

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